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Adding a twist to how and where we can view art, WHERE TO GO NEXT is an exhibition of photos from Brian Fouhy’s book, Occupied. These works will be shown in the space they were photographed – the bathroom. 20 locations across the city of Denver will feature images of 23 urinals throughout Month of Photography. Galleries, cafes, restaurants, and bars will all play host to Fouhy’s work in addition to the establishments featured in the book.

Published a year ago, Occupied is a collection of urinals used and photographed by Fouhy. Fouhy’s hope is to draw attention to the beautiful, odd, and sometimes funny forms urinals can take, as these modern marvels often go unnoticed.

Pairing the photos with information related to the experience of each urinal (such as the meal eaten in a restaurant, the weather conditions at the time, or the distance from relevant points of interest) Fouhy’s experiential data adds another layer of interest to the work, making it not just another visit to the loo.

With a nod to Duchamp and the ready-made movement, this book and project takes a look behind the closed and (hopefully) locked doors of bathrooms to showcase these unusual objects that perform a very necessary function.

Fouhy invites you to explore the map and discover the different urinals on display – giving you an extra reason to make that trip to the toilet.